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Fashion Is Coming for Surfing, and Its Lifestyle, at Full Force

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Are designers just obsessed with the sport’s culture, or are they ripping it off? Two summers ago, I spent three perfect June days at the oceanside headquarters of a Californian clothing retailer. One afternoon, after we’d digested our cafeteria-provided quinoa bowls, it was announced that there was a “swell” nearby and a group of employees would… Read more

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‘Crazy journey’: from double shark attack to Paralympic snowboarder

Sean Pollard was surfing in Australia in 2014 when he was attacked by two great white sharks, losing his left arm and right hand and only just escaping alive. But far from wallowing in his misfortune, he threw himself into snowboarding — and just three years after taking up the sport, he made his Paralympic debut… Read more

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Broadcasters Told to Stop Perving on Female Surfers

Broadcasters of the World Surf League (WSL) have been instructed to focus on the action rather than on female surfers. According to Stab magazine, the organization has asked broadcasters filming its events not to zoom in on competitors and in particular to avoid close-ups of female surfers wearing high-cut bikini bottoms. When the WSL met on… Read more

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Surfing Under the Northern Lights in Norway

When you think of surfing destinations, you may picture the turquoise waters and white beaches of Hawaii, Tahiti or California. You probably don’t think of the Arctic, but northern Norway’s Lotofen Islands are popular with surfers even during winter—and the snow-covered beaches are certainly white. AFP photojournalist Olivier Morin spent several days photographing surfers braving the… Read more

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Thousands of Dead Starfish Wash Up On U.K. Beaches

Dead starfish washed ashore by the thousands in an extreme weather snap following winter Storm Emma. The so-called “Beast from the East” storm blanketed beaches with dead sea creatures along the coasts near Kent and Norfolk in the United Kingdom. “The ‘beast’ killed quite a lot of creatures,” said Lara Maiklem, who photographed the scene at… Read more

Adaptive surfers ably ride the waves in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 29, 2017 – Adaptive surfers join a rising tide of adaptive athletes contributing to the enormous growth of adaptive sports, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. In the United States alone, an estimated 48.9 million people have a disability. Another 24 million people have a severe disability; and 34.2 million people… Read more

Eight-Time Champion Clark Shines At Nationals

The early rounds of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz SA Surfing Championships hosted by Buffalo City began in challenging conditions at Nahoon Reef in East London on Tuesday, with Heather Clark starring. The 52nd edition of the premier Surfing South Africa nationals features over 160 surfers from nine districts who are competing for nine individual titles as well… Read more

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