Surfboard Racks

Surfboard Racks



Surfboard racks, as the name would suggest, are used to secure one or more surfboards. Surfboard racks can be used to hold surfboards safely in sheds, garages, on bikes, and cars. Today we are going to look at surfboard roof racks, without which, many surfers would struggle to get a full car and their surfboard to the waves. (Those with longboards wouldn’t get there at all.) There are a few different types of surfboard roof racks. These are the fixed style of surfboard rack, the locking surfboard rack, and the very popular soft roof rack. Read on to see which one is going to suit you best.


Hard or fixed surfboard racks can be a sensible option for the frequent surfer. Pretty much permanently affixed to the top of your vehicle, these can be less time consuming than attaching soft roof racks. The downside is that they will cost you more, and generally need to be fitted for specific car and SUV models. Sometimes the hard racks can be a little too hard for your surfboard and may need Velcro coverings to prevent impact marks occurring on your surfboard. Otherwise a quick alternative can be to use your beach towel between the racks and the board as a bit of a buffer.


Locking surfboard racks are expensive but great for those surfing trips involving driving. Having to lock your boards in the car every time you stop for more than a few minutes can be a real pain, especially if there isn’t enough room to lock them in the car. Locking surfboard racks can also be extremely handy when there is a lack of surfboard storage at the vacation accommodation.


Soft roof racks for surfboards can be a lifesaver, or at least a surfing vacation saver for the surfer on the move. Throw them in the surfboard bag, and when you get to the car rental, your surfboard soft racks are going to mean that the surfboard gets to go on the roof, and all passengers get to sit in the car. Soft roof racks are relatively inexpensive and only take a few minutes to attach to any car roof.


Surfboard soft racks are also easier on your surfboard from a pressure or impact point, because you guessed it, the racks are nice and soft. Soft roof racks can also be used by regular surfers who don’t want to cough up the cash for fixed surfboard racks. A handy hint when attaching the soft racks is to twist the straps just the once, this will stop the straps vibrating at high speed, only a problem if you don’t have your sound system on extremely high volume.




Surfboard racks are available in a variety of styles and budgets. Surfboard soft racks can be a great choice for those with limited budgets, and those planning on renting out a car at their surfing destination. They are so lightweight and pack down to next to nothing. You can easily keep a set in the bottom of the travel bag, or surfboard bag, without even realising they are there, until you need them.


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