Tide Watches – Who Are They For?

Tide Watches – Who Are They For?


This article is geared towards someone looking for that perfect gift for anyone that has a hobby that revolves around water that is influenced by the Tides.Those of you that already know about Tide watches most likely do not need to read this because you probably already own one but keep reading because you just might learn something.

The first and most obvious choice would be the fisherman. People that fish in the ocean or anywhere that has a tidal influence know all too well that certain species of fish prefer to eat during certain tidal movements. To them careful planning means the difference in catching fish or not. For professional fishing guides knowing what the current Tide level is can make the difference in a happy client!

Another great candidate for a one is anyone who uses any kind of boat in a tidally influenced area. In some places in the world you just can not go anywhere at low Tide because there is no water! No one wants to get stranded at low Tide and then have to sit and wait for the next Tide change. In some places you might not be able to get under the bridge at high Tide. Just a quick glance down at your Tide watch and you will never be guessing again!

Surfers are also another great choice for Tide watches. High Tide and low Tide both can have completely different waves and to a surfer that can mean all of the difference in the world. In fact one of the largest surfing board companies in the world has their very own line of Tide watches made just for surfers. Check out Rip Curl Tide Watches.

These are just a few examples of people who could definitely use a Tide watch!

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